Since I was about 16, I always wondered why certain people got what they wanted and some couldn’t. Some people had everything. Cars, girls, house, nice family, a pool, awesome friends and money. I had none of these, except, my loving family.

At that age I didn’t realise the importance of  family, I only wanted to know how to get what I want. I wanted girls, I wanted fame and I wanted cars.

For years, I’ve been watching average people rise from nothing to great. Yet, I still was the little boy who had nothing much under his belt. By the time I had 19 years old, I joined university. It was the same story all over again. It is a game of influence, a game of dating girls and becoming the “Leader of the pack”.

After one year of seeing it and not being able to influence, I decided that I needed to figure out how I can gain more influence and power.

At that moment, I decided to read more books. Mainly on psychology, power, self-development and marketing.

I was a young lad trying to understand the world I was living in. I was trying to become a better person on the outside. I tried to appear smarter, better, richer and more “cool”.

It went on for a while. Until I realised that non of it mattered as much as I thought.

As the years passed by, I discovered that the world is not about fame, money and girls.

Not at all…

When I was searching for these things, I wasn’t really trying to make myself happy.
I was wasting my precious life doing things I didn’t like to prove myself to people I didn’t respect, and to get thing I didn’t really want.

The moment I found out that I wasn’t trying to make myself happy was the moment I decided to do a complete switch in my life.

What was happening inside me and how I could maximise my potential was all that mattered to me.

“ Inner scorecard vs. External Scorecard”

— Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet explains the difference between your potential and what you are really accomplishing.
The external scorecard is the metric, the standard that the society sets up for you. It represents “success” measured by the others. If you beat the others, you are the winner, this is how you maximise your potential.

While the inner scorecard represents your potential, your absolute best. That’s the metric to measure yourself against. Winning is not enough. People can be lucky and win. Anyone can win. But not everyone is the best possible version of themselves.

A person who judges himself on his own standards doesn’t crave the spotlights the same way as someone who lets applause dictate success. A person who can think long-term doesn’t pity himself during short-term setbacks.

At the second you choose to maximise your potential, you will have a vision. A vision that will guide everything you do, and everything you think of.

“See much, study much, suffer much, that is the path to wisdom.”

— Celtic Saying

This saying is the mantra I impose to myself. I am not trying to live a superficial “perfect” life, but rather a real life that will offer me what I am looking for.

And instead of pretending that we are living some great story, we must remain focused on the execution—and on executing with excellence. We must shun the false crown and continue working on what got us here. Because that’s the only thing that will keep us there.

That’s what this website is all about. This website isn’t trying to be fancy. My articles won’t ever try to magnify the world we live in. I try to study the world as it is.

This website is talking about things that matter to me. About things that interest me. About things that are actionable.

I don’t like to read books or articles that do not provide an actionable plan. This is why I read a lot of biographies. Biographies are the best actionable plans we can find. They lay out the plans that masters have used to face adversity and failure. They provide actionable steps that we can use in our own life.

Beside biographies, this website is about strategy, power, leadership, psychology and marketing.

This website represents what I believe in. Not because one day, I read about a subject, but rather because I researched extensively about the specific subject.

I hope that it will, somehow provide you value. Even if it is as  small as an actionable plan to face an obstacle.

The words I write in my articles aren’t from me but from the wisdom of past masters who have lived on this earth long before my birth. They have accomplished more than 99.999% of people will accomplish in a lifetime. And I am only trying to deconstruct their message to help you and me become better selves.

My goal is to create articles that I would enjoy reading as a visitor, as a reader. By doing so, I hope that it will allow you to find what you are looking for.

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